Kai S. Bunk

Software Engineer

About Me

Here are some things that you should know about me.

Kai S. Bunk

Software Engineer
With over 15 years of experience in software design and development, I have successfully developed new technologies and delivered innovative products that are internationally recognised as leading solutions.

I am excited to be able to contribute with my skills and experience to the advancement of software technologies, and it is my passion to improve and innovate in this field.


Some of my work.

SMART – Video Tracking System

Description “Smart” is a video tracking system for automated evaluation of behavior for pre-clinical and neuroscience applications. It is able to acquire various parameters about the behavior of animals using a recorded or live video feed. The acquired data (ranging from the subjects current position and speed, to complex behavioral patterns, such as social interactions, […]

TriWise – R&D of 3-Point Video Tracking Technology

Description The “TriWise” technology is the result of a research project to develop a software solution to generate an advanced model of rodents based on a live or recorded video feed to track the position of its head, center of mass and tail. Using this advanced model, this technology also enables the detection of more […]

DBHcms – Web Content Management System

Description “DBHcms” is a small free Open Source content management system for personal and small business websites. It is search engine optimized for multiple languages, allowing the search engine to index every single page in each language individually avoiding content cloning. My Role This is a personal project that I developed in my free time. […]

Ormado – Object Relational Mapper

Description Ormado is a Object Relational Mapper for ADOdb written in PHP. Ormado is a spinoff of the Object Relational Mapper used in DBHcms v2.0. My Role This is a personal project that I developed in my free time.  

Wärmesysteme – Product Demonstration Software

Description Wärmesysteme” is a stand-alone software solution used by the company’s sales team to present, configure and generate quotes of home heating systems. It contains information about all the company’s products for home heating systems, including images, descriptions and prices. It is able to calculate the heating power required for a specific building based on […]

WarOffice – IT Department Management Software

Description “WarOffice” is a software tool developed for the use in the IT-Department of KAGO. It was developed as a client-server solution to manage and document the tasks at hand, such as technical service and support cases. Its main features include: User specific login with granular access control. Task management (user assignation, categorisation, prioritisation, cost […]


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